Staff Picks

So, you love existentialism?

So, you love children’s books?

So, you love poetry and fast-paced page-turners and books about people and books about far-away places and books filled with evocative prose and books that leave you thinking and maybe even books you don’t have to think about all that much?

So do we.

No matter what you love to read, chances are that somebody here is into it, too. So ask us for a suggestion. Because we don’t just sell books at The Bookstore Plus. We soak them up and talk about them with each other (Have you read “The Nix”? Sarah would really like you to read “The Nix”) and it would make our day to talk about books with you, too.

Oh, we also love gardening. A lot of us, anyway. It feels like winter most of the year up here – it’s good to get outside and play in the dirt when you can.

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