Why the Adirondacks Look the Way They Do, by Mike Storey

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"You can tell these mountains are old just by looking at them!" Yes, they look old, but they are actually the youngest mountains in the East.

"The Adirondacks were so devastated a hundred years ago that there isn't much left here." The Adirondacks were badly harmed, but the Park is wilder now than it was in 1900, thanks to the conservation laws of New York State, and the great resiliency of nature.

"I don't see much wildlife here!" There's actually a lot of wildlife here, but the dense summer forest hides many animals. Different times of the year often reveal wildlife abundance, and reading the landscape opens your eyes to secretive creatures.

Mike Storey, Park Naturalist III for the Adirondack Park Agency for 24 years, explores these perceptions that so many visitors and residents have concerning the Adirondacks. His photos, illustrations and clear text carefully reveals the story of Why the Adirondacks look the way they do.

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