In Praise of Quiet Waters By Lorraine M. Duvall

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Winner: Adirondack Literary Award for 2016 Best Memoir!

Advocating for quiet waters … and still paddling

“An inspiring collection of canoe journeys, packed with bits of regional history and environmental concern. As she flows through the Adirondacks, Duvall guides readers towards a fuller appreciation of water and a need for deepened advocacy; ‘water’ evolves into a sacred entity.” —Sandra Weber, Adirondack author

“How refreshing, in this age of high-octane thrill-seeking, to read a peaceful affirmation of wild, quiet waters. In Praise of Quiet Waters will inspire people of all ages and abilities to explore Adirondack Park’s wondrous waterways.” —John Davis, Wildlands explorer and author

“Reading this heartfelt memoir compels me to revisit these quiet lakes, ponds, and rivers of the Adirondacks and also to redouble our efforts to secure more peaceful places in this overcrowded, over-motorized world.” —Dick Beamish, Founder, Adirondack Explorer


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