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Which is more frightening– Gothic Genre or a History of the Twentieth Century? 
–because compared to the likes of Hitler or Stalin, Dracula might as well have
been a quaint, country squire with a few fetishes…

While residing at an Adirondacks hotel in the winter of 1930, the socialite
occultist and political intriguer W.Arthur Richardson surmised the existence of an
ancient, preternatural people imbued with pervasive memories and vampiric
proclivities. Describing them in his journal as “Travelers,” Richardson would
witness the disappearance of Emily, a chambermaid who returns transformed,
prompting a calamitous reaction from her husband Jack.
Fifty years later, disenchanted graduate student Fran Avery encounters a still
youthful Emily. Drawn into her memories, Fran glimpses a legacy reaching back
across the centuries to Medieval Scandinavia——beginning a metamorphosis of
her own. Watched over by an aged, seething Jack, Fran contrives to find a way
beyond her newfound instincts, her conscience retreating into past experiences
and events where she soon gleans the costs of transcendence and redemption.
In the Magical Realist traditions of The Master and Margarita and The Tin
Drum,  Nightfolk departs from the Gothic genre into the mythic territories of
legend and folklore, offering an intimate perspective from within the shadows of

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