Finding Griffin

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Mysterious nineteenth-century letters found in the attic of her city brownstone lead Anna and her restless granddaughter, Emma, on a search to discover family secrets in the town of Griffin. To their surprise, the elusive town has all but vanished, reclaimed by the Adirondack forest. What was initially a larky jaunt becomes a puzzle. Anna and Emma’s chance encounter with Miles, a lone fisherman on the banks of the East Branch near Griffin, quickly cascades into a series of unanticipated events. Who could have guessed that the mild bump of their worlds would knock Anna and Miles’ lives off course?The letters set in motion an unforeseen journey along the green verdant paths and rushing lucid streams sequestered in the backwoods of the Adirondacks. Some trails lead them further into the past; others beckon to a still occluded future; and then there are promising byways leading nowhere-or, like mistaken deer trails, only divided by the silent furry creatures that live hidden in the forest. Anna’s comfortable life as an Albany florist and Miles’ simple lifestyle as an Adirondack woodsman are knocked askew by seemingly innocent revelations. Can Anna and Miles escape from their time hardened cocoons? What will Anna and Miles ultimately find in Griffin?

Finding Griffin: an Adirondack novel by Barbara Delaney
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