Adirondack Mysteries And Other Mountain Tales: Volume 2

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The Adirondacks - glorious and breathtaking, yet host to a multitude of murder and mayhem. What mystery unfolds when a plane crashes outside Lake Placid? Will Dr. Angela Patterson, staff surgeon at Adirondack General Hospital, solve her next case? Why is there a Shaman on Mt. Marcy? Is there really paranormal activity at Fort Ticonderoga? Will Jason Black, the Adirondack Detective, solve the riddle of the missing logs? Why is there a snow storm on Rondaxe Mountain in the middle of summer?Adirondack Mysteries and Other Mountain Tales: Volume 2 is the sequel to the best selling Tommy Award honorable mention compilation Adirondack Mysteries and Other Mountain Tales. Prepare yourself for another round of great mysteries that take place within the Adirondack Blue Line. Sit on your bearskin rug, put a log on the fire, and bend the pages of another tantalizing tome from your favorite mountain writers.

Adirondack Mysteries & Other Mountain Tales: Volume 2
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