Summer Multiple Authors Book Signing Event

08/10/2019 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm
2491 Main St
Lake Placid, NY 12946

Multiple Author Signing Event! 

The Bookstore Plus is pleased to invite you to our  August Summer Authors Event. Four authors will be joining us at the bookstore for a multiple author signing event. Come meet and mingle with regionally and nationally published authors and support them by buying their book and having them autograph your copy! 

Featuring authors:

Robert Haller, Another Life

About The Book:

 Literary fiction debut, Another Life, coming out June 4, 2019, centers around an evangelical church in a small town in upstate New York. Another Life is a modern comedy with a searing edge, following four linked characters over the course of one summer, in which a teenage girl has an online relationship with an older man, a legendary high school musician returns to town as a mysterious recluse, a discontented mom finds new meaning in a secret affair, and a thirteen-year-old boy struggles to adjust to the presence of his new foster brother. 

About The Author: 

Robert Haller is the debut author of Another Life, a coming-of-age novel set at a vacation bible school in a small town in Upstate New York. Hallerholds an MFA in fiction from the New School in New York City. Another Life’s first chapter won The New School’s MFA 2015 Chapbook Series for Fiction. Haller’s short stories have appeared in Joyland Magazine and He lives in De Kalb Junction, NY.

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Kristina M. Parker,Your Mine, Walker and All

About The Book:

You're Mine, Walker and All is the charming and informative story of a little boy who learns that his
mothers disability is not about what she cannot do - but what she can do. Told through a
conversation between KC and Mommy, this children's book with its whimsical illustrations will delight
children and adults and at the same time teach a serious lesson about disabilities, perception, and
optimism. Written by a woman who has cerebral palsy and who has refused to be defined by her
disability, this book shows that a disability is a different ability. This book will appeal to parents with
disabilities who want to share their story with their children, to parents of children with disabilities
who want their children to see what is possible, and to parents and educators who want children to
realize that being different is really okay.

About The Author: 

Kristina M. Parker has her B.A. in history with a minor in museum studies.  After managing a museum in Plattsburgh, New York for several years, she is currently a stay at home mom.  Having cerebral palsy since birth, she seeks to teach and others tolerance and understanding as she explores the unique joys and challenges of being a disabled parent.




Karen Williamson, “A Chair for All Seasons: Celebrating the Adirondack Chair” by Kathleen Graham Kelly, photos by Karen Williamson


About the Photographer: Karen Williamson

A Chair for All Seasons: A Celebration of the Adirondack Chair

SCHROON LAKE, N.Y. – Set in upstate New York and the Adirondack Mountains, author Kathleen Graham
Kelly’s new memoir, “A Chair For All Seasons: Celebrating the Adirondack Chair” ( published by Balboa
Press ), uses the iconic image of the Adirondack chair to anchor a wistful, rich memoir about family,
memories and the seasons of life. Illustrated with the photographs of regional photographer Karen
Williamson, Graham Kelly’s book tells the life story of Rosie, a 90-year-old reflecting on her life: a life
anchored by Rosie’s beloved Adirondack chair (Rosie is a fictional character, although she is based on the
memories of Graham Kelly’s late mother, Rosemary Ann Murphy Graham).
To many people, the Adirondack chair represents reflection, relaxation, family gatherings, and in a
paradox, both solitude and community. Rosie is no exception. Graham Kelly uses the image of Rosie’s
beloved Adirondack chair through the seasons — spring, summer, fall and winter — to tell her life story
in a short, yet meaningful, gem of a book. Rosie’s reflections share how she found meaning in her life
through her family and their gatherings over the course of 50 years — something readers of all ages and
from all walks of life can identify with and appreciate.

Karen Rusinski Williamson is a freelance photographer specializing in nature and landscape images of the Adirondack Mountains of New York. A graduate of Syracuse University, she has served as a photographer, writer, and editor for several federal and state environmental agencies. Her work has appeared in many publications and is carried in fine art and gift galleries in and near the Adirondacks. Karen lives in Guilderland and Saranac Inn, New York, with her husband, two Boston Terriers, and several Adirondack chairs. You can see more of Karen’s photography on her website at  


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Adelia Moore, "Being The Grownup" ,  

About The Book:

PARENTS can forget that they are in charge. Their job is not to be friends with their children but to care for them. The most difficult part of being a parent is not mastering parenting techniques but adhering to them when their children push back. A groundbreaking exploration of the parent- child relationship, the book demonstrates when to be in charge, and how to strike the balance between parental responsibility and a child’s growing independence. Children need adults to survive. Despite the profound changes the digital era has wrought on family life, this remains the essence of parenthood. Being the Grownup helps parents translate their determination to care and protect into a voice that communicates authority in all matters of daily life. Confident expressions of both love and limits allow parents to be the grownups their children require.


Adelia Moore is a clinical psychologist in NYC specializing in therapy with couples, parents, families, and young adults. Moore received her BA in English from Harvard, a MS in Child Development from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cincinnati. Moore’s essays have appeared in the Christian Science Monitor and Huffington Post. She has four sons and five grandchildren, and lives in Manhattan and Upstate New York with her husband. She is on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and


Another Life Cover Image
ISBN: 9781982526061
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Published: Blackstone Publishing - June 4th, 2019

You're Mine, Walker and All Cover Image
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Published: Independently Published - February 26th, 2019

A Chair for All Seasons: Celebrating the Adirondack Chair Cover Image
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Published: Balboa Press - December 13th, 2018

Being the Grownup: Love, Limits, and the Natural Authority of Parenthood Cover Image
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Published: Adelia Moore - June 10th, 2019