10/07/2017 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm
2491 Main St
Lake Placid, NY 12946

The Bookstore Plus is pleased to host author Cheryl Aguiar for a signing event. Cheryl will be at the bookstore on Saturday, October 7th, 2017, from 3 to 5 PM to autograph copies of her new book "Great Horned Owlets Rescue". Come meet the author and get your copy of her book autographed.

About the Book|

Cheryl Aguiar has a strong connection with wildlife and a great love for exploring nature. This is the story of how she  gains the trust of one of Mother Nature’s most magnificent and mysterious creatures…the Great Horned Owl. These  majestic birds known as raptors have a reputation of being extremely aggressive, but show a different side when struck  by tragedy. With some help from her husband, Cheryl’s devotion and determination to help this family of owls turns out  to be one of the most gratifying decisions she has ever made. The strong‐willed adult owl parents accept help from  humans to keep their family safely together. Cheryl gives us an unprecedented look into the life of these wild birds while  she closely documents the journey of these two adorable owlets as they grow and experience life in the wild. Through this experience, she witnesses the struggles of survival, the amazing bond of a family and

 the gift of gratitude. What  makes this story special is to see how animals and humans from two different walks of life can co‐exist and discover that we are not so different after all. By trusting each other, working together and showing each other respect, the family of  owls allowed Cheryl into their world; now, they have become a part of hers. Together, Cheryl, her family and these  magnificent birds have proven ever more, the statement...Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way. 

About the Author|

Cheryl Aguiar is a first time author and entrepreneur who has an intuitive admiration and in-depth respect for nature and its wildlife. Cheryl is a hardworking, self-employed salon owner in the small, New England Town of Westport, Massachusetts where she also resides with her husband Jim. Cheryl and Jim live in a quaint, country style home, hand built by themselves near the woods she explored as a child. With nothing more than a high school diploma, Cheryl has succeeded in her businesses, becoming a self-taught photographer and learning the art of writing. Cheryl’s true passion is her love for nature, traveling, exploring and photographing the beauty of our landscapes and magnificent wildlife all around the country. She travels whenever it's possible with her husband Jim. They also own land in New Vineyard, Maine, their own piece of woodland paradise. In discovering the amazing beauty surrounding her homes and around the country, Cheryl founded Roadside Stills Photography and continues growing while exploring her talents. Her strong passion and entrepreneurial spirit have granted her the ability to share her experiences with nature through the lens of a camera and now, her thoughts on paper.

Please join us in welcoming Cheryl Aguiar to The Bookstore Plus!

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Great Horned Owlets Rescue: Where There's a Will, There's a Way.... Cover Image
By Cheryl Aguiar, Cheryl Aguiar (Editor), Cheryl Aguiar (Photographer)
ISBN: 9780998360515
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Cheryl Aguiar - December 19th, 2016

Five Star Review from Readers' Favorite ‐ "It's a story told with tender compassion and a sense of awe. The author's passion for her rescued owlets, and for all of the animal kingdom, is apparent through the story. A wonderful story" ‐ Emily‐Jane Hills Orford 

“Character and respect resounded throughout the chapters; the story allows for reflection on personal values ‐ something that is often lacking in the world today. It's the best story about  compassion and altruism I've read in a very long time." ~ Linda Bertrum for SOCO Magazine  and New England Monthly Magazine  Five Stars 

“Cheryl Aguiar gives us a glimpse of the life of an owl family in a unique first‐person account. Her passion and respect for wildlife is inspiring in this tale that demonstrates the  bond that can be created between humans and animals through acts of love and compassion.”  ~ Brian Michaud, Author of The Ring of Carnac and The Road to Nyn ‐ Goodreads