Macramè: Instructions of How to Make Plant Hanger and Different Knots to Decor your Home. Modern Macramè Projects, Tips and Tri (Paperback)

Macramè: Instructions of How to Make Plant Hanger and Different Knots to Decor your Home. Modern Macramè Projects, Tips and Tri Cover Image
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Are you looking for a complete guide on macrame and how can you master this pleasant skill? If yes, read on.Discover how to create beautiful macram knots and hangers in a simple and fun way That can you do TODAY

The macram from what it looks can be tiring and complicated, especially if you are a beginner and are just entering this world. Fortunately you are not alone here, thanks to our modern academy, you will be able to create EXTRAORDINARY Macram , with which you can, why not, also have fun and show off to your friends.

DOWNLOAD:: Macram - Instructions on how to make hangers for different plants and knots.

This book is very useful for the beginner who wants to start with macrame and look for a friendly guide, even for macrame experts who want to get inspiration and new macrame ideas.

Well yes Macrame at 360 degrees.

Here is just a little of what you will find inside:

In the first book, MACRAM INSTRUCTIONS (Plant Hanger), you will discover:

- What is Macram and this fantastic world

- Terminology used in Macram with which you can learn more

- Countless materials used in the manufacture of macrame

- Way to become a main macrame and steps to create a main macrame

- Macrame plant hanger (step by step) that will look really simple and easy

- Macram home decorations that you can show to your guests

And more

In the second book, MACRAM INSTRUCTIONS (knots), you will learn:

- Macram 101 - How to master the fundamentals and how to make them easy to use

- 20 lively types of crochet that you should learn step by step

- Essential tools and materials to get started in this fantastic world

- A subdivision of the different nodes and how to create them

- Tips and tricks for getting the most out of Macram

- Fantastic macram motifs and design ideas to try

- Countless ideas for Macram projects, Macram bracelets

Macram aims to help you feed your creative side and easily manage a macrame project. Whether you are an expert or just discovering the art of macrame, you will find easy-to-understand instructions and lots of inspiration to get started right away.

The GREAT NEWS is that within this FANTASTIC book you will find many detailed images and instructions that you can follow step by step and that will lead you to the creation of wonderful projects.

You will see that the more you read this book, the more you will realize how easy it is to create beautiful projects.

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Pages: 330
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