The Plot to Cool the Planet (Paperback)

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Global Climate Destruction

A Notorious Murder

A Rogue Diplomatic Scheme

June 2020. An outspoken climate scientist is murdered. Investigators believe she was assassinated to end her forceful advocacy for untested geoengineering techniques that might slow global warming.

Frequent extreme storms and rising sea levels are undermining the viability of coastal cities. Millions of subsistence farmers and fishermen are facing ruin as crops yields fall and fisheries disappear. No nation volunteers to take in climate refugees.

Frustrated by the global paralysis, three small-island diplomats secretly launch a rogue venture to cool the planet. The odds of success are low, and the threat to their careers and lives is tangible. But they feel morally obligated to try. Their project uncovers other surreptitious interventions, causing perilous political, diplomatic, and military confrontations.

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ISBN: 9781640962897
ISBN-10: 1640962891
Publisher: Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: November 13th, 2018
Pages: 510
Language: English