A Field Guide to Clean Drinking Water: How to Find, Assess, Treat, and Store It (Paperback)

A Field Guide to Clean Drinking Water: How to Find, Assess, Treat, and Store It Cover Image
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How to find and prepare safe drinking water—anywhere, any time!

Clean drinking water may be the last thing we think about day to day—but it’s the first thing we need in an emergency. Now, survival expert and biologist Joe Vogel explains how to find, treat, and store safe drinking water—even in the most extreme conditions. A Field Guide to Clean Drinking Water includes information about:
  • The role of water in the body and how to calculate your water requirement
  • Plants, geographical features, and more indicators that signal the presence of water
  • How to collect dew and precipitation, and extract water from plants
  • How to screen “raw water” for bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants
  • Every purifying method from boiling techniques to chemical disinfection
  • And storage options that meet every need.
Small enough to take anywhere—and broad enough to cover everything—this is a vital manual for backpackers, survivalists, and anyone who may need to know how to create their own drinking water.

About the Author

Joe Vogel is Germany’s most renowned survival expert. From expeditions in the Australian outback to journeys through Africa, Central and Southern Europe, Asia, and South America, he has spent years traveling the remotest regions on Earth—accumulating extensive experience and putting his survival skills to the test in the process. He teaches via his website, survival courses, videos, and books, of which this is the second to be published in English.
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ISBN: 9781615195671
ISBN-10: 161519567X
Publisher: The Experiment
Publication Date: August 20th, 2019
Pages: 272
Language: English