Hell on Church Street (Paperback)

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Powerful, heart-pounding, and all true Chuckie Dudrey is nearly beaten to death at age seven. After he gets out of the hospital, his mother is shot to death in her own kitchen while her children are sleeping. With their mother no longer there to protect them, Chuckie and his brothers and sisters endure years of horrific, sometimes unspeakable abuse, suffering things so awful that a polygraph test is administered to reveal the truth; then the court record is ordered sealed When police and social workers finally intervene, the stench and squalor is so overpowering that officials gag when they enter the house where the Dudrey children are living. After years in prison and on the run from the law, Chuck becomes a Bounty Hunter and Enforcer. Beating up and assaulting people for pay becomes an occupation. He loves the excitement of life in the fast lane, but finds that drugs and easy money can come with a steep price tag. Author Bill Sizemore shares the entire story in the first person. Seeing events through Chuckie's eyes takes you right to the epicenter of the drama. You sense the fear an abused child feels when he is beaten to within an inch of his life. You feel his confusion and panic when the brain injuries brought on by his dad's abuse result in uncontrollable grand mal seizures. You feel the hopelessness and despair a career criminal feels when the police finally catch up with him and prison doors slam shut behind him. You get an inside look at prison life through the eyes of a real convict. But you also hope with Chuck when he makes two decisions so big that they change his life forever Hell on Church Street is a powerful, compelling story, and one book you will never forget.
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ISBN: 9781498499477
ISBN-10: 1498499473
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: February 28th, 2017
Pages: 304
Language: English