Marina Witches Mysteries - Books 1 + 2: Two Paranormal Cozy Mysteries (Large Print / Paperback)

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She's a jinxed witch with Bruce Lee moves. The coven's being haunted and witches are disappearing. Will she be able to save the coven and herself?

Not yet over the loss of her mom, Frankie B's in a new city, without family, a home or her full powers. Thank goodness for her familiar, Dex, the best Jack Russell in the world.

They're faced with moving into a flea-pit motel, when Dex spots a vacancy at a nearby marina. But this is no ordinary marina, and before they've even had time to finish unpacking, life takes a deadly turn.

Will Frankie solve the mystery of the missing witches and rid the coven of the ghost of Captain Russell Garnet? Or will her ability to make him corporeal see her being held as his prisoner until her dying breath? Either way, she's not going down without a fight.


A potentially lethal blood hex. Her mother's murderer still on the loose. Her father maybe not as dead as she's been led to believe. Jinxed witch Frankie B and Dex, her familiar, certainly have their hands (and paws) full.

With the ghost of Captain Russell Garnet banished to an island in the Caribbean, Frankie thought she and Dex could get on with life. If only she wasn't lumbered with a blood hex. And if only her troublesome grandmamma -- the not so ex-pirate -- Anne Bonny hadn't managed to get herself in a heap of trouble.

Before any rescue can take place, Frankie needs to get a handle on her new witchy powers. While she's no longer stuck with housework spells and the occasional ward, her new power levels are unstable at best, and completely missing, at worst.

Yet again, she's training with the drop-dead gorgeous warlock / merman hybrid Zane, making concentration difficult, especially when the air between them is laced with freaky magic.

Will Frankie break the hex, and find out who killed her mom and dad, or will she die trying? With Dex and Zane at her side, how can she possibly fail?

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ISBN: 9780995138971
ISBN-10: 0995138974
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Squabbling Sparrows Press
Publication Date: July 25th, 2020
Pages: 394
Language: English