Backyard Explorer Leaf Collector's Kit [With Collecting Envelope, Leaf Album and String] (Paperback)

Backyard Explorer Leaf Collector's Kit [With Collecting Envelope, Leaf Album and String] Cover Image
By Rona Beame, Kimble Mead (Illustrator)
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Backyard Explorer is the kit that begins with something kids do naturally--picking up leaves, collecting pine cones, stuffing their pockets with acorns--and turns it into seasons full of educational fun. Published in 1989, the original edition of the Backyard Explorer Kit was a great success, with 256,000 copies in print. Redbook wrote: With leaf and tree projects for all year round, budding naturalists will be amazed by the adventures waiting in their own backyards. Now this unique outdoor activity kit--combining the Leaf & Tree Guide, the Leaf Collecting Album, and a durable plastic leaf collecting envelope--is even better. First, new material is added to the book, so that it covers more trees (over 100) and sends kids off on more nature hunts--not only the Great Leaf Hunt, but challenges to find winged seeds, leaf galls, spiny husks, and more. Second, the look is updated, with new fresh and fun illustrations--full-color in the guide book, two-color in the album. And third, the kit is redesigned for a more compact package, making it more shelf-friendly (in the same way that the recent redesign of My World & Globe addressed display issues). But the heart of the book is unchanged, and that's what makes it so distinct and successful: By categorizing leaves and needles into twenty recognizable shapes (smooth, toothed, hand-shaped, etc), it makes identification extremely easy and intuitive. So kids don't need to know the difference between a Hickory and a Tupelo before searching out the leaves--they just need to find a light-bulb shaped simple leaf (Tupelo) and the feather-shaped compound leaf (Hickory). Then add them to their album--and their knowledge.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780761133193
ISBN-10: 0761133194
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Publication Date: July 1st, 2004
Pages: 96
Language: English
Series: Backyard Explorer