Screamer: Never, Ever Steal from a Banshee. (Paperback)

Screamer: Never, Ever Steal from a Banshee. Cover Image
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New York film festival director Ryan Connor is no stranger to fantastic stories but even he can't believe it when a trip to Ireland in search of new filmmakers turns into an international chase epic with him in the leading role. A chance discovery of a muddy relic on the shores of a disappearing lake puts a lethal banshee, the Irish messenger of death, on his tail. The banshee tracks Connor back to New York City and she is soon in league with an ancient Dutch demon that last terrorized the city during the American Revolution. The next thing Connor knows he is mixed up with a giant bounty hunter who converses with voices only he hears, a mysterious redhead with a secret, otherworldly agenda, a band of heavily-armed Iroquois warriors with an old grudge, and an ICE federal agent desperate to make an arrest. All of them would love to get their hands on the artifact Connor has discovered and none of them care if Connor dies in the process. But Connor soon realizes he has a strong reason not to give the artifact up, even as he begins to understand its true power.
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ISBN: 9780692184943
ISBN-10: 0692184945
Publisher: Frank Vizard
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2018
Pages: 462
Language: English