Decoded Dog (Paperback)

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A mysterious disease is claiming the lives of dogs, sending a wave of heartbreak across the country. No group of dogs is immune. From dog shows to animal shelters, pure bred to mutt, the epidemic is indiscriminate. Is the cause a new virus or bacteria? Is it contaminated dog food? Or is there a coordinated plot involving intentional poisoning? Research geneticist, Claire Winthrop, tells the story as she is drawn into the quest to find the answer to what's behind the deaths. Claire is torn between focusing on her funded research on canine Addison's disease and current events that draw her and her graduate students into following where the science takes them. As a dog lover, a mother, a mentor, and a scientist, she struggles to prioritize her personal and professional lives, forcing her to make emotionally charged decisions that impact everyone around her. Turning to an old friend and colleague for support, she must come to terms with her love for two men - one from her past, one from her present. As events unfold, conspiracy theorists, the Canine Crusaders, promote their own agenda, while pharmaceutical companies jockey for profit from any possible cure. Rife with dog-loving vignettes, Decoded Dog is a fictional story of intrigue, love, and scientific discovery.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578417653
ISBN-10: 0578417650
Publisher: Quo Vadis Publishing
Publication Date: March 30th, 2019
Pages: 304
Language: English